Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Cast of Characters

As writers, we all do it. We secretly imagine what it would be like to see our book turned into a major motion picture. And then we start to imagine who would play each role. Which actors embody the physical and emotional characteristics of the characters we painstakingly created in our writing?

So, I’m going to pretend that Hemphill Towers is already published and making its way up the best seller’s list. And that I'm lucky enough to be helping Leona manage her new-found fame. I get a phone call from a Hollywood producer asking if we’d be interested in seeing the book turned into a screenplay.

I try to keep my cool, I don’t want this guy knowing that under my extremely calm and professional exterior I’m jumping up and down like I would if I held a winning lotto ticket in my hand. “Of course we would be interested, but I have one stipulation.”

He gets a little quiet, but then clears his throat. I can hear the wheels in his head spinning. He thinks I’m going to ask to play the lead, but I’m not quite that vain...or that brave.

“I want to cast the actors who play the parts of the characters.”

He smothers a chuckle but manages to get out a reply. “Tell you what, send me your list of recommendations and I’ll see what I can do.”

He says he’ll be in touch and I race off to my computer to email Leona about the pending movie deal and to hammer out my casting list. Which I imagine would look a little something like this:

Played by Alexis Bledel

Talented, career-focused, and a bit of a romantic, Stella is a dark-haired, classic beauty who has no idea how attractive she really is. She’s got curves in all the right places, but is a little shy about flaunting them. She’s the kind of woman you want as your best friend -a great listener, loyal to a fault, and if she can’t help you solve a problem, she knows someone who can.

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Played by Amy Adams

Gorgeous, confident, with a great flair for drama and a great eye for art, Riley knows how to use her long auburn locks and creative talents to her advantage. She’s also not afraid to stand up for herself, but hates to be a burden to her friends. She has a taste for the finer things, but only because she appreciates beauty and quality in all things…including men.

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Played by Rachel Weisz

Quiet, but adventurous, raven-haired Birdie isn’t afraid to go where life or love leads her. She’s good at her job, is quick to laugh, and is thankful for every opportunity to experience life to the fullest. If you are lucky enough to call her a friend, no matter how bad it seems, she always knows exactly what to say or what to do to make it all seem a little better.

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Played by Gerard Butler

As head of a successful advertising company, JB has the life most of us dream of. His success, his bank account, and his rugged good looks make him a magnet for women who want him for what he has and not who he is. If only he could find one woman who wanted to share his life, not just his money, he might be ready to settle down.

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Played by Antonio Cupo

Fiercely protective of his family and his business, he is the classic tall, dark, and handsome Italian dreamboat. He could tell you the exact number of vines in his vineyard, the best vintage in his cellar, but has had little time to focus on any kind of real relationship...that is until he sees Birdie. He wants to trust his heart, but only if his family approves.

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Played by Jake Gyllenhaal

Son of a world-famous artist mother and fine art purveyor father, he has both a keen eye for art and a sharp mind for business. His world is full of beautiful things and beautiful people so it will take a woman with more than just pretty looks to catch his eye. He’s not afraid to take chances, but he’s in no hurry to settle down...or is he?

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Played by Emerson Smith

A wolf in blue-eyed-blond-haired sheep’s clothing, he looks like a catch, but beauty is only skin deep. He believes he is entitled to the good life, no matter who he has to trample or threaten to get there. If he decides a woman is worthy of his attention, then she is expected to accept his affection, and God help her if she doesn’t. Greed and deceit are part of who he is, and ego will be his undoing.

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  1. Ha, ha, ha, clever cast. And, hey, I can see them as the characters. Good choices.
    I'm waiting for the book now to picture this cast.

  2. Thanks, Lorrie, hope you enjoy the book when it comes out.

  3. What a fun, fun blog post. I loved your choices, very down to earth, very quirky, really hot guys. Can't go wrong with any of them. You have such a close relationship with your characters that your descriptions felt like real people to me. ♥

  4. Great cast!!! Man, those guys are spot on, and Amy Adams makes the perfect Riley! Now, how do we get them signed on? Shall we start the petitions now...? :) I'm still after Amy Lee for Serenya!

    Your blog's looking gorgeous!!

  5. Thank you, Von and Mysti. A dream cast, that's for sure.

    I'm very grateful to Veronica Jorden for my blog appearance and her constant support.

    Can't wait to showcase Mysti's interview, coming soon.

  6. Leona- what a great cast! The book sounds wonderful!

  7. I've actually never imagined who'd play my characters. Now you have me thinking. Great new blog.:-)

  8. Your blog site is love, Leona. I'm sending to a friend who is nuts for Gerard Butler.
    Good way to get buzz going for your book. We'll all have to read it now to see if we agree with your casting! LOL

  9. Leona! Marsha said you had good taste in men. I agree. :) And I'm just a little nuts! But I do have fan girl moments over Gerard Butler. Excellent choices.

    The book sounds great! Good luck.

  10. Thank you, Mary, Kat, Marsha. and Jerrie. Yep, now you all have to read the book. lol
    I appreciate you stoppng by for a look. I hope to continue with little hints until that wonderful day of the book launch.

  11. SO FUN! My friends and I already have my cast picked out too! It's fun to dream (and good to be prepared...just in case)! ;)

  12. i liked all of your cast you picked. However after reading your book i would have picked someone diff for Stella lol someone with a little more on top. great job picking the guys especially Dierk i could really see Emerson Smith playing that roll.


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