Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What's in Her Closet?

The three main characters of Hemphill Towers, Stella, Riley, and Birdie are all young, successful business women. And if we took a peek into their closets, you might be impressed with how well put together they are. In an earlier post, I created a cast of characters for my book, now we're calling in the costume department.

Here are a few snippets from the book and the outfits inspired by each of the characters.

First up, a pretty suit from Stella's closet.

 [Dragging herself out of bed, Stella went through her morning rituals.She dressed in a stylish lilac skirt, white blouse and a snug-fitting lilac jacket. Tan shoes and a matching hand bag completed the ensemble.

She headed off to work, her mind still filled with events of the night before and dreams that lingered. She dreaded seeing JB today, and prayed he’d be out of the office.]


Another from Stella's closet.

[The more Stella saw of JB, the more certain she was of her love for him. She concentrated on her work and finished ten minutes before the hour was up. She locked up her office and made it home in plenty of time for a quick shower and change of clothes. She chose a pair of off-white slacks topped by a pale blue blouse with an open collar design. Then dabbed on her favorite perfume, applied lip gloss, and raced out the door in record time.]

Riley wore it, but I'm pretty sure she borrowed it from Stella!

[Riley yawned and stretched, surprised that she had slept so well with nary a dream or nightmare about her upcoming luncheon. She quickly showered and dressed, choosing her outfit with care, lest Dierk Rosenthal think that she dressed to impress him. She stood before her mirror in a powder blue skirt, white blouse, a matching jacket with navy trim and finished off with stylish navy pumps. Shades of Stella, but very businesslike and the look she wanted.]

Here's something that is all Riley.

[She glanced at her watch and saw that it was time for her to turn off the computer and hop in the shower if she wanted to look her best when Trent came for her.

He arrived promptly at seven-thirty. She could see the admiration in his eyes as he took in her appearance. She had chosen a midi length skirt with green accents and a short sleeved blouse cut just low enough to show off an emerald pendant that nestled between the soft contours of her breasts.]

And last but not least, a little something from Birdie's closet.

[Federico had made dinner reservations at a quaint out-of-the-way ristorante. Birdie showered and dressed with care in a blue silk Armani dress she had bought today. Her hair, thick and shiny, cascaded down her bare back. Birdie stepped back from the mirror to appraise herself. The elegant, shiny material swished about her legs as she turned from side to side. Gold bangle earrings caressed her cheeks and complimented the tiny locket that hung between the swell of her breasts.] 

So what do you think? Which one of these would you steal from their closets if you could?

Check out all the parts to these great looks on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/revolutionaryvj/ht-closet/


  1. This was fun, Leona. I would love to be able to wear the strappy shoes. And the white floaty legged pants are my favorite. Throw in the white blouse and green pendant and I'm off.

  2. Yeah, I like those too, but the Armani dress...Whoo Hoo!

    Thanks for stopping by, Mary.

  3. Hi,
    Of course I would dress like Riley, but would love to be able to rock that lilac suit :)
    Love the way this has been done.

  4. Thanks, Riley, er..I mean Sandie. Glad you like it and credit goes to VJ for her help. She is teaching me and never seems impatient.

    I plan to post here on Wednesdays for our Book Walk until Hemphill Towers is released.

    Stop by again.

  5. "Stella went through her morning rituals", Unfortunately none of these photos mat show the garments she required for these tasks as the adornments upon them are secrets of the Golden Dawn and apart from this, they ar far too revealing. Quite suprising and potentially hazardous considering she was about to work with a cauldron.

  6. LOL Kev, I am starting to adjust to your type of humor. Trust me, there was no cauldron involved.

    I suppose I could have been a bit clearer on the rituals, but then I would have missed your brilliant insight.

    Thank you.

    1. Your descriptive writing is wonderful, Leona. It is an excellent economy of style to leave the the details of the "rituals" to be imagined by the reader. My insight, on the other hand, does have indeed the brilliance of a dwindling gas light.

  7. Fun post! Mind if I play copycat and do something similar on my blog? O:)

  8. Hi Beth, be my guest. Copy away.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Leo, I am loving your blog. You're posts give great insight to your book without giving any of the plot away. Great job on such an interesting and unique look into your characters. Well done!

  10. Thank you, TJ. I really appreciate you stopping by.


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